Who we are? 

We at Saage focus on innovational concepts, design, development and manufacturing exclusive products according to customer's requirements. We provide prototyping, trail production, ramping up and mass production solutions over 10 years expert experience. We are targeting B2B customers in the area of consumer electronics and accessories which are outstanding from the common market. Our products can improve life quality, reduce the waste, we provide also recycled material solutions during the manufacturing. We can deliver tailor-made products from the beginning design phase to the personalized end products.

Innovation on technology

As we know cellphone has radiation especially during the phone call, Apple also suggests ways to reduce the RF energy, (instruction can be found from iPhone / setting / general / legal & regulatory / RF exposure). We got inspiration from them and have been developing young user friendly RF reduction solutions by embedding antenna, circuit and LED components into a thin and compact sticker or phone case. Not like traditional solution of adding aluminum folio under the phone flip case's leather layer (this way will impact the signal and make the device re-boost even higher radiations to people), after our laboratory testings, we guarantee that it won’t affect the signal, and LED will emit cool lights to consume the absorbed EMF power. By using our cases, it can reduce the RF up to 65% and remain same signal level. 


Innovation on material, recyclable material in the production

In addition to the manufacturing technics, material determines the quality of the product, by selecting the right material with proven testing result, it will last the product life time, and we test and carefully select the materials always prioritize the safety standard, environmental friendly rules and recyclable materials are also partial used in our products, eg. electronic device enclosures and phone accessories are partially mixed certain percentage of the recycled materials to reduce the waste. The material fulfills the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), and product fulfills the EU standards as well.

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