Saage IoT (internet of things) for industrial automation

We are solution and device maker, specialized in ultra narrow band internet of things, small data bytes can effectively communicate between devices and backend. This technology with extremely low power consumption gives huge potential. For example, improving industrial signal detection, measurement and control through more rousted system development. In addition, we are also experienced in different sensor technology, for example, in measuring temperature, humidity, vibration, PIR (passive infrared sensor), amount of daylight, 3D movement acceleration sensor. we can provide you with ready-made customized sensor, component, control unit and also the whole architecture.


We at Saage focus on concepts, design, development and manufacturing sports and health related exclusive products according to your requirements. We are targeting B2B customers in the area of consumer electronics and accessories which are outstanding from the common market. Our products can improve life quality, we can deliver tailor-made products from the beginning design phase to the personalized end products.

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