Saage Oy is a Finnish registered company (VAT account is 2860457-8), focusing in design & development of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, customizing the specific sensors/devices according to customers' technical requirements. We are experienced in developing web applications over different cloud platforms such as: AWS IoT, Azure and Alibabacloud.

We can assist our customers efficiently to get their pilot project up and running and get mass production done with reliable quality. We are able to do fast prototyping, can help and provide to our customer the whole package or selectable developing items from beginning to the end mass products delivery, and all of our products fulfil CE, RoHS related standards.

We are an innovative IoT sensors designer and manufacturer to provide IoT solutions for industrial measurement and control purpose. If you can't find your required item from our current catalog, it is feasible to customize it in any cases. We are familiar with the sensor technology over the narrow band communication systems to uplink detected payload messages to our backend. This can be done by using our web application, customers can monitor and visualize the payload data , real-time alert notifications, and device management. We can provide REST API to access our database if needed these measured data on your own cloud platform.


We designed and manufactured Automatic parking meter, which have been selling in nordic countries over years with stable quality and fairly delivery quantity annually, in which we are using 3D-acceleration sensor technology to fulfill the device is stable and accurate to be worked even in harsh weather conditions.


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