Sigfox GPS Tracker

Saage LPWA GPS Tracker is a highly compact GPS positioning device, by utilizing the latest Sigfox and low power GPS modules, it can give maximum 2 years battery life with 2* CR2450. Thanks to the Sigfox technology that it makes small data transmission with low power consumption, this is perfect for tracking luggages, logistics tracking, outdoor activities' tracking and etc. It sends out the messages according to the intervals that you set manually from the device, you have the possibilities to check the messages and the coordinates from the internet browser, you may set your email account to receive notifications when it has low battery alert. You can view the objects' routes accurately from the Google map. 


  • long battery life up to 2 years by 2*CR2450
  • 3-level interval setting, sending by every 30 minutes, 4 hours and 1 day per message, battery is lasting 2 weeks, 4 months, and 2 years correspondingly
  • testing button and LED indicator, sending GPS location once pressing, long pressing achieve interval updates
  • GPS accuracy is about 5-10 meters
  • device low battery alert
  • water proof, designed for outdoor usages
  • withstanding low temperature -30 Celsius
  • weight about 70 g

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